How Susan G. Komen Increased Revenue 30% Combining Direct Mail & Digital

Today’s LIVE event was another insightful look at how direct mail & digital work together to drive real, meaningful business results. On the show today were:

  • Rachel DaviesCreative Director @ Susan G. Komen
  • Mary Ann GeersSenior Vice President of Corporate Strategy @ GPA
  • Joseph Manos, Executive Vice President @ MindFire

During the interview, I dug into Rachel’s:

  • 30% increase in revenue (by combining direct mail & digital in *this* way)
  • “HOOK” method that drives meaningful engagement through multiple channels

Plus, I asked her the top questions posed by the community, and got her to share numerous direct mail and digital examples!

Also, Mary Ann Geers and Joseph Manos covered:

  • insight into some of the surprising industries that are recovering and using Direct Mail
  • recent label use-cases, creative and engaging mail pieces, & luxury purchase campaigns

This session is for anyone who needs new marketing ideas and inspiration (or those selling direct mail as a commercial printer, agency, or marketing services company).




Download Slides Here (PDF)