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Let Da Vinci go to work for you. Create more Leads, more quickly.


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Great for individuals.


Per Month


  • 100 Contacts
  • Unlimited Personalized URLs (PURLS)
  • 300 Email Sends
  • 2 Campaigns
  • 1 User
  • All Blueprints
  • Da Vinci Branding
  • No Sub-Accounts
  • Email Support


For small & mid-size marketing teams


Per Month


  • 10,000 Contacts
  • Unlimited Personalized URLs (PURLS)
  • 30,000 Email Sends
  • 10 Campaigns
  • 3 Users
  • All Blueprints
  • Da Vinci branding
  • Sub-Accounts for your Clients
  • Email, Chat & Phone Support


For growing businesses


Per Month


  • 25,000 Contacts
  • Unlimited Personalized URLs (PURLS)
  • Unlimited Email Sends
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • 10 Users
  • All Blueprints
  • No Da Vinci branding
  • Sub-Accounts for your Clients
  • Email, Chat & Phone Support

Looking for higher volumes? Da Vinci has enterprise-level packages too, or let’s build a custom package for you. Call us at (877) 560-3473.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Contacts?

Contacts are the people you import into Da Vinci.  They can be your existing or future Clients.  Da Vinci will go to work and start engaging them so you can drive more leads into your sales pipeline.

What are Personalized URLs (PURLS)?

A Personalized URL (PURL) is a special kind of URL that includes the name of a person, like  PURLs are usually printed on direct mail pieces and are used to create a trackable response channel.  Da Vinci allows you to create a PURL for everyone in your database.

Is unlimited Email really unlimited?

Yes.  Yes it is!

What’s a User?

A User is anyone who has a username and password to access Da Vinci.  For example, this could be someone else on your team or your boss.

What are Blueprints?

Blueprints are like marketing “recipes” that achieve different objectives for you.  Think of them as best-practice, battle-tested workflows that have been proven to work.  80% of the hard work is done for you; your job is to customize the last 20% to your unique needs.

What is Da Vinci Branding?

In a few places, like your Lead Alert Emails and Dashboard, there’s a bit of small text that says something like “Powered by MindFire Da Vinci”.  If you want this removed, pick a plan that includes “No Da Vinci Branding”.

What are Sub-Accounts?

Sub-accounts are accounts that you create for your Clients and start at $197 p/mo for the “Base” edition.  You’re free to mark up Da Vinci’s fees.

What happens if I go over my licensed limits?

We’ll simply bill your credit card on file for any activity that exceeds your limits.

Do you offer annual pricing plans?

Yes.  Call us at (877) 560-3473, use the chat box in the lower left of your screen, or Contact Us here.

Can I get someone to do a demo for me?

Yes!  Call us at (877) 560-3473, use the chat box in the lower left of your screen, or Contact Us here.

Want to Accelerate Your Growth?

That’s what the Lead Gen Machine does.  Add any of these to a Base level subscription or higher, and jump-start your success.

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Drive more leads to keep those presses humming!


Includes $16,788 of Value:

  • 1 Year Marketing Action Plan (“MAP”)
  • 6 Holiday QuickStart Templates (+ Bonus)
  • 5 End-to-End Complete Campaigns
  • Email Template Specific to Your Business + SPF for High Deliverability
  • Lead Alerter for Your Website  
  • 50 Ideal Customer Targets (Names & Emails)

Popular Choice


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Popular Choice


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