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Andrew is the president & co-founder of The Best Postcards, a growth-based company that finds & engages clients using social platforms and direct mail.

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Andrew is the president & co-founder of The Best Postcards, a growth-based company that finds & engages clients using social platforms and direct mail.

I have a beautiful wife, and we are the proud parents of two children. Recently we moved to Costa Rica. I have been very fortunate in business and life.

But it wasn’t always this way. When I was 26, I was a Senior Vice President at Morgan Stanley, with more than $100,000,000 under management. I thought I was a genius. NO ONE was smarter than me. And I partied, man, I partied. And guess what: I became a drug addict.

Then 2001 came, and my world fell apart. I went from millionaire to homeless. 

Since then, I have reinvented myself and my way of doing things and built a brand. As a result, my business partners and I have created a solid foundation.

At The Best Postcards, we provide an innovative direct mail program that creates more leads and sales. We build programs from the ground up. No fancy talk. No fakeness. Fundamentals that work. We help you acquire, engage and retain clients. Our products establish mindshare, and mindshare is the long game. It requires time and frequency. We use real data and analytics to create 3d heat maps to help us determine who your ideal prospect is and how to reach them on a granular level.

We then show you how to keep them. 75% of your business comes from referrals and existing clients. Imagine never losing your clients, selling them your other products, and not going up against 15 other bids! We supply matchback reports and hold out tests in which areas are selected to receive mail and areas are selected not to receive mail. They are all methods to prove without the slightest doubt how direct mail added as a layer significantly outperforms the homes that did not receive mail. 

All this is generated using your raw data and then simply plotting new business on a map comparing the areas. Call tracking is a digital hack job for the agencies to credit branded keyword searches and then charge you for them. The digital media era has created a space where all leads are sent to an online platform before action is taken. If this were not the case, would there be any value in Google reviews? I got a 2.5 star rating just doing offline marketing, so the consumer never sees it. Bullshit

Seed, cultivate, and harvest. These are the fundamentals, and our offerings ensure ROI. The products create a consumer journey that closes business. From prospect mailers to current client mailers to thank you cards, a formula of total service. We’ve used these same tools to create top-of-mind & trusted brands like Terminix, TruGreen, Smoothie King, Renewal by Anderson, and Allstate.

We are a multimedia marketing company that started with a highly successful direct marketing product. By taking a no-nonsense approach, we’ve been able to provide our clients with the success and ROI you only imagine in your dreams.

We are proud of our expansive growth because we’ve worked damn hard for it. We started locally and kind of went loco. No matter what the niche, we’ve been knee-deep in it for a while. HVAC, Dental, Fitness, Food, Home improvement, mosquitoes, Trees, Landscaping, and the list goes on.

Our business blew up fairly quickly as people realized most marketers are full of shit. So while we’ve taken on clients you’ve all heard of and big national brands, we still make it our mission to help hardworking business owners build themselves up. We know what you need: A constant flow of clients while keeping the competition at bay.

We are not just a team of business-minded people; we’ve become a family by becoming partners with our clients. It’s our business to build your business, or we don’t have a business.

We canvas 100,000,000’s of homes and humans. We help businesses across two countries, and we aren’t even close to slowing down.

Our products are priced competitively and are constantly evolving. We can design, print, ship, collect data, and pivot to penetrate the most challenging markets by creating a wholly controlled production process. Same day graphic turnaround and into the mailing system within two business days of art approval

Do we like being good at our jobs? You bet! We’re not just good, we are the best. 97% of our clients run campaigns monthly with no contracts and never leave. We are consultants, not direct mail order takers. We become partners with your business and offer your territory exclusivity. We are the only medium in which every targeted person is guaranteed to get a complete impression, one that hits all your senses even if you are throwing it out. Name another medium that has an average shelf life of sitting on your counter for 17 DAYS. Attack your competitors where they are not, and build a model barrier to entry so they can never penetrate no matter how much money they throw at it. 

Please reach out if you feel like you need help promoting your business. Don’t worry about 9 to 5. We are always working and available when you need us!

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