Create Powerful Marketing Campaigns by Integrating Direct Mail with MindFire Digital Solutions

Exceptionally easy-to-use solutions allow you to deliver personalized communications. Differentiate your marketing experience, enabling you to track and capture more data, see real-time leads, and re-market quickly, offering higher response rates of 30-50%.

Mailers and their Clients in higher education, automotive, financial services, and more rely on MindFire to boost Direct Mail response rates by 20-30%, leading to more leads & sales.

What Is ‘OptiChannel’?

Optichannel Means Finding a Brand’s Audience on Their ‘Optimal Channels”.

Today's marketing requires more than just automation. And more than just 1 channel.

This is why leading Printers & Agencies help their Clients find & engage their audiences across Direct Mail, Email, & Digital Channels.

If your Clients struggle to get prospects and clients to engage, it’s likely because they're using outdated channels and strategies.

That's why you need an OptiChannel strategy: to enable your Clients to reach their audience on the devices and channels that are right for them.

Is MindFire OptiChannel For You?

Built for Printers

You gotta keep those presses fed, right?  Maybe you’ve never had to market yourself or have relied on word-of-mouth, but now you need to grow leads and sales during this tough time.


Or, maybe you want to sell digital marketing services to your clients so you can differentiate from all the other printers beating on their door.


Those Silicon Valley companies ignore print.  Not us.  We’ve built our company around companies like yours!

And for Agencies

Need to offer your clients orchestrated digital campaigns using intelligent business logic and personalization?  Then you need a partner to help you succeed.


With MindFire at your back, you can grow your agency by becoming an integrated and indispensable partner to your clients.


Move from unpredictable project work to retainer-based relationships, and prove your value to your clients by helping them reach their lead gen and sales goals using the optimal channel for each of their audiences.

& for Your Business

These days, almost all businesses struggle to reach their clients and prospects because they’re not using the optimal channel for their audience.


Email just doesn’t work the way it used to.  Even reaching people on the phone is tough.


Sound familiar?  We solve that with OptiChannel Social Marketing & Sales to drive engagement, conversations, leads, and sales in the places today’s modern buyer hangs out.


Let MindFire work its magic for you. Why wait?

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