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Top 5 Things Campaign Managers Should Know About Email Deliverability

While email deliverability is an extremely complex topic, there are five things all campaign managers should know:

  1. Your results are only as good as your mail file. Garbage in, garbage out. The best lists are organically grown, opted-in house lists of individuals that wish to receive your messages.
  2. CAN-SPAM regulations govern your email blasts. You should be familiar with the requirements (including an opt-out method, a physical mailing address, and no misleading or deceptive information.)
  3. Unsubscribes are not bad. In fact, you should be grateful for them. Unsubscribes are the polite way of your email recipients letting you know that either your offer is not compelling enough, you are sending it to the wrong people, or both.
    If this is not intuitive, consider the alternatives:

    1. Your recipient complains and marks your email as spam. With many email providers, this not only prevents them from receiving more emails from you, it hurts your sending reputation which negatively affects future email blasts to other clients. Many times, you will not even know that your email was tagged as spam. Result: You continue to pay to market to someone that does not even know you are still sending them messages.
    2. Your recipient deletes or ignores your email. Your email may reach the inbox, but if it is not being read, why bother? Result: You continue to pay to market to someone that does not read your messages. If they become frustrated with the frequency or irrelevancy of your messages, it can lower your brand value.

  5. Good emails are old school. This means that inline styles and tables should be used rather than the CSS web designers prefer today.
  6. Email deliverability is an art, not a science. There are many factors involved in ensuring your emails are delivered to the inbox, and none of the top email service providers are sharing their secret sauce.
Posted by: Anna Dispensa Anna Dispensa in MindFireInc Blog
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2 Responses to “Top 5 Things Campaign Managers Should Know About Email Deliverability”

  1. Bob Clampit June 01, 2012 at 7:48 am #

    Regarding the deliverability of mail files, you mention that it is an art form, many factors play a role, and top providers are not sharing their secrets.

    How about you sharing some off those secrets with those of us interested in learning them…


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