User Guide

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Building Workflows

Workflows provide the structure to your Marketing Automation Program. They are easily created with MindFire Studio's drag-and-drop interface.


1. Drag any element from the toolbox onto the Workflow Canvas

Drag Element Onto Canvas

2. To connect one element to another, click on the lower element first, then click on the circle on the bottom of the upper element

Connect Two Elements

3. Connect Elements based on your own custom design of a Marketing Automation Program

Connect Multiple Elements

4. Outbound and Inbound Elements are often connected to a Target Audience. You can connect multiple Target Audiences to one Outbound or Inbound Element

Multiple Target Audiences to One Outbound Element

5. One Element can be connected to multiple subsequent elements (for example, there could be multiple link options in an email that go to different Microsite pages

Single Outbound to Multiple Inbounds

6. A Campaign can contain multiple Workflows that are not connected to each other

Multiple Workflows in One Campaign

7. You can also use controls to Zoom In, Zoom Out and Print the Workflow Canvas

Additional Workflow Tools