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Configuring Scores Intermediate

When implemented properly, a scoring system can help us separate the Contacts who are active and engaged from those who are non-responsive or uninterested. Scores are set in the Events tab of an element.

You can add or subtract points from a Contact's score in almost any Event in an Element. For example, you can set "Contact Opens Email" to add 5 points to the Contact's score, or you can subtract 5 points if the Contact clicks the Unsubscribe link.


1. Open an Element and click on the Events tab

2. Select an Element

3. In the "Adds or subtracts this Score box, enter the score for this Event (use a positive or negative number based on whether this Event will add to, or subtract from, the Score)

4. You can now use Scores to filter Contacts (using the Behavioral Filter) or to trigger another Event