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Configuring Events Intermediate

Events are measurable, trackable, and actionable aspects of an Element. By default, all Events are tracked. Using the "Events" tab of most Elements, you can specify certain Events, and then designate whether this Event meets a Goal, adds or subtracts a score, or adds a cost.


Events are used in the following ways:

1. For Behavioral Filtering, which allows you to specify certain Contact behaviors to target segment(s) of Contacts. These Filters can be used in Rules, Contact Lists, Schedule run-time Filters, and workflow decision making.

2. For Tracking, for Reporting and Analytics.

3. To Associate a Score, Goal, and/or Cost to Contact behavior.

4. To Fire Triggers.

Event Definitions
The following is a list of Studio Elements and their associated Events, along with detailed descriptions of each.

  • Email Events
    Email queued for processing
    Email failed to process
    Email sent to Contact
  • Microsite Events
    Contact visited Microsite
    Contact visited Page
    Contact submitted Page
    New Contact added to database
    Contact added a new Contact
    Contact failed to add a new Contact
    Contact failed to log in
  • SMS Events
    SMS queued for processing
    SMS delivered to Contact
    SMS sent to Contact
    SMS failed to process
  • In Direct Mail
    Direct Mail queued for export
    Direct Mail IMB scanned
    Contact scanned a QR code
    Direct failed to export
  • Data Extract
    Data sent to Marketplace App
    Failed to communicate with Marketplace App