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LinkedIn Outbound App

Set up the LinkedIn app Basic

This task will show how to send a single message and link that will be posted to the LinkedIn account that you will specify. Since this is for a single message, the LinkedIn element in this example is not dependent on any other elements on the Studio Canvas. The message will be posted on LinkedIn at the time specified in the Schedules tab.


Before getting started, you should have completed the following tasks:

  • Create an account on LinkedIn
  • Create a Program in Studio
  • Create a Campaign in Studio


1. Drag the LinkedIn App onto the Studio Canvas

  • Double-click the element that you just dragged onto the canvas
  • Drag LinkedIn Element to Canvas

2. Configure the General tab

3. Click the Configuration tab

  • Select Access Token, then click "Find your access token"
  • Click on 'Find your access token'
  • A browser screen will open to allow you to authorize the MindFireInc LinkedIn Application
  • Authorize MindFire to access your LinkedIn account
  • Enter your signon info and click "Allow access"
    • For the current task, the LinkedIn App will only be posting messages to this authorizing account and will not be accessing any profile information.
  • A screen will be displayed that will display the Access Token. Copy and paste this into the Configuration tab in Studio.
  • Authorize MindFire to access your LinkedIn account
  • Click "Status / Message"
    • Enter a message in the Status / Message box.

  • Click "Title"
    • Enter a title in the Title box for the website/article link that you are posting.

  • Click "Description"
    • Enter a description/summary in the Description box for the website/article link that you are posting.

  • Click "Link URL"
    • Enter the URL in the Link URL box for the website/article link that you are posting.

  • Click "Image URL"
    • Enter a URL for an image that you would like to post with the website/article (for example, an image from the article, your company logo, etc.).

4. Click the Schedules tab - Add a basic schedule

5. No configuration is necessary under the Events tab

6. Publish your Program

Here is what the LinkedIn post will look like: LinkedIn Screenshot

1. On LinkedIn, click on the small profile picture (top-right) - next to "Privacy and Settings" and select Manage Go to Account Settings

2. Select "Groups, Companies & Applications" then click "View your applications" View Your Applications

3. Select the MindFire App, then click the Remove button Remove Application

4. The App Removal confirmation will be displayed Confirmed - App Removed

To restore app access, follow the steps above to Configure the LinkedIn Outbound App in Studio