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Reza Memarian

Chief Software Architect

Reza Memarian

Reza (RF) Memarian has led the architecture and design of the MindFireInc Marketing Automation Platform since its inception.

Reza is the author of the MindFire Studio’s patent-pending Marketing Automation Markup Language (MAML) and has overseen the development of all of the core platform subsystems.

Prior to joining MindFireInc, he was EVP of R&D, Architect and Software engineer with companies like Oce, Tally, FormScape, Zylab and Rasterex. He is also an expert in Transactional & VDP Printing, Output & Document Management and Web-to-Print.

Mr. Memarian holds a B.S. in Electronic Engineering From Tehran Azad University and Electrical Power from Mazandaran Institute of Technology. He is an avid Basketball player and enjoys hiking and outdoors activities with his families on the weekends.

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