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David Rosendahl


Dave Rosendahl

With over 10 years of experience in software development and direct marketing, Mr. Rosendahl applies his talents to developing MindFireInc®’s business and technology strategies that bridge the gap between traditional offline marketing and the interactive capabilities of the web. With a team of talented designers, engineers, and marketing experts, he has orchestrated the innovative design of MindFireInc®’s flagship product, LookWho’sClicking®. As a pioneer in tracking online response to offline marketing, he has written and spoken extensively on best practices and strategies for successful use of Personalized URLs and Landing Pages.

Previously, Mr. Rosendahl founded an Internet Service Provider in Newport Beach, California, offering Internet access, email services, and web marketing. In 1997, the company was acquired. In 1998, Mr. Rosendahl joined the management team at a web-based software company in Southern California as Director of Product Development. There, Rosendahl was responsible for the development of the company’s small business software product suite, as well as the deployment of nation-wide dial-up Internet access.

He also serves on the board of Mika Community Development Corporation, which enables the leaders of low-income neighborhoods to transform their communities through community building, youth programs, and other community driven initiatives.

Rosendahl received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University.

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